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Araguainha Dome Shocked Quartz Pebble

Araguainha Dome Shocked Quartz Pebble
Araguainha Dome Shocked Quartz Pebble
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Araguainha Dome Shocked Quartz Pebble
Shocked quartz pebbles have been found at several impact sites around the world. The most notable being “Pook’s Pebbles,” associated with the Chixculub impact structure; the Buntsandstein conglomerates, associated with the Azuara/ Rubielos de la Cerida impact structures, in Spain; and Nördlinger Ries fluviodeltaic Miocene conglomerates, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Shocked quartz can also be found associated with residual materials from nuclear bomb testing, meteorite impact sites, and lightning strikes (which can complicate impact site verification). The glass-bearing rocks from Koefels, Tyrol, have been petrologically examined and have been found to contain lechatelierite and feldspar glasses. Geological tests indicate that temperatures were present far above those common for igneous processes at the time of formation, to form the kofelsite.

Shocked quartz is found worldwide, and occurs in the thin Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary layer, which occurs at the contact between Cretaceous and Paleogene rocks. This is further evidence (in addition to iridium enrichment) that the transition between the two geologic periods was caused by a large impact. Pseudotachylite and shocked minerals such as coesite and stishovite also contribute to our knowledge base of the interesting, diverse, and continually changing science of impacts.

This shocked, fractured shear quartz pebble is from Araguainha Dome, Brazil. It is the largest impact crater to date in South America. During the time of this impact one of the largest mass extinction events in the history of Earth occurred called the Permian-Triassic extinction event. Dynamic on both sides. In addition to shatter cones, evidences of impact also extends to impact breccias and shocked quartz for this impact site.

Size: 54mm L X 30mm W X 20mm D, Weight: 46 grams.

Ships with tag, tag stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Photo cube and acrylic stand not included. Very rare specimen.

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