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Lunar Anorthosite Display Plaque, Tag

Lunar Anorthosite Display Plaque Tag
Lunar Anorthosite Display Plaque Tag
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Product Description

Lunar Anorthosite Display Plaque

This lunar anorthosite display plaque is the earth analog of the Genesis Rock, collected by the crew of Apollo 15. It came to be called the "Genesis Rock" due to its extreme formation age. Anorthosite is a relatively lightweight silicate rock that forms much of the ancient crust of the Moon.

Finding the original "Genesis Rock" on surface of the Moon proved the theory that the Moon was once molten, and formed layers of different density rock and metal as it cooled. This geological display is presented on an 7 X 9 inch two-toned (walnut and oak) real wood plaque with an engraved title plate. The anorthosite is about the size of a fist, about the same size as the priceless "Genesis Rock" itself. Great gift or collection display for someone who loves astronomy and earth science.

This anorthosite is NOT from the Moon, but is earth's best analog. Two available, Both similar.

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