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Allende Meteorite Jewelry 14k Gold Teardrop Style

Allende Meteorite Jewelry Teardrop 14k Gold
Allende Meteorite Jewelry Teardrop 14k Gold
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Product Description

Allende Meteorite Jewelry Teardrop 14k Gold
This is smaller 14k gold Allende meteorite pendant in the teardrop style. Allende is a famous meteorite that enjoys a high status among meteorite collectors.

The Allende meteorite is not known for its beauty but for its scientific value. It is very rich in nano-diamonds which are far too small to see (only one thousand atoms or so across). This meteorite also contains Calcium Aluminum Inclusions, or CAI's. These are white in color and predate the age of our solar system. The Allende meteorite contains pre-solar material - the actual stuff of stardust!

Pendant size: 1 3/4" L X 3/4" W X 1/8" D; Size of Allende meteorite diameter: 1/2"

The Allende is mounted to a sterling silver disc and secured in the frame. Contains .7 grams of Allende Meteorite.

Ships in an attractive jewelry box, information about the Allende meteorite and a Certificate of Authenticity. Free small quality 18" gold filled chain included.

This would make a very unique and great inspirational gift for someone who enjoys astronomy and geology.

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