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Allende Meteorite Jewelry 14K Gold with a Comet-like Inclusion for Sale

Allende Meteorite Jewelry 14K Gold Comet-like Inclusion for Sale - Sold!
Allende Meteorite Jewelry 14K Gold Comet-like Inclusion for Sale - Sold!
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Product Description

Allende Meteorite Jewelry 14K Gold Comet-like Inclusion for Sale - Sold!
Allende Meteorite Jewelry 14K Gold Comet-like Inclusion for Sale

The Allende meteorite's astrochemistry makes it one of the most talked about meteorites in the world. The meteorite was a witnessed fireball that fell to Earth on February 8, 1969, over the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.

A rather large white calcium-aluminum inclusion, or CAI, is prominent in this fantastic setting. It looks like the shape of a comet traveling across the background of a plush variety of beautiful chondrules.

Allende is a carbonaceous chondrite meteorite consisting of a dark matrix. Prominent white CAI's to make a setting like this are difficult to obtain. Allende meteorite jewelry is among the most uniquely sought-after type of meteorite jewelry. Because of its delicate structure there is simply not a lot of jewelry that is ever made out of it as it has the cutting consistency of hard chocolate.

Allende meteorite is famous for its chemical biological signatures and is one of the most studied meteorites. With detailed laboratory analysis isotopic elemental anomalies are found to be present which lend convincing evidence for a pre-solar formation of the CAI (white) material. Calcium-aluminum inclusions are billions of years old and are instrumental in helping scientists formulate a date for the age of our solar system. It is among the most primitive matter we can actually put in our hands, and is 30 million years older than the Earth and 287 million years older than the oldest known (to date) rock on Earth. The nano diamond grains present in Allende are almost entirely made out of carbon, the most important element for life on Earth, and represent the tiny fraction of material that survived the formation of the early solar system.

Allende 14K gold meteorite pendant jewelry - when you want a piece of the sun, the moon and even beyond the solar system!

Pendant size: 7/8" W X 1 1/4"L X 1/8" D, Allende meteorite size: 5/8" W; It does have a round sterling silver metal disc backing plate, to ensure its wear-ability, stability, and longevity.

Shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity, an attractive jewelry box with information. Chain not included.

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