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Rare Agate Eye Jewelry Pendant 14k Gold

Agate Eye Jewelry Pendant 14k Gold
Agate Eye Jewelry Pendant 14k Gold
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Agate Eye Jewelry Pendant 14k Gold
This is the most perfect eye agate we have ever seen, so we wire wrapped it in 14k gold and found the best 18k gold bail. The colors black, white, tan and gray are very remarkable colors to find in eye agate jewelry. Truly a work of art and nature, this 14k gold wire is hand spun through the agate eye with a catchy design pattern that does an amazing job of drawing out the beautiful all natural colors in this exotic chalcedony stone.

In folklore, metaphysics and legend: The agate is believed to discern truth and is a powerful emotional healer. They are also considered to improve memory, concentration, increase endurance and stamina. Agates are thought to be especially helpful for people born under the sign of Gemini, as it helps them to remain focused and calm. In mental functioning the agate improves perception, increases concentration and analytical ability.

Size: 1 " W X 1 5/8" L X 3/8"D; Ships with quality jewelry box, information and a Certificate of Authenticity. Chain not included.

Agates are semi-precious gemstones that are a variegated form of chalcedony. Agates naturally develop when an empty pocket inside a parent rock fills in molecule-by-molecule, layer-by-layer. As microcrystals self organize they form concentric bands or other patterns. The colors and arrangement of the microcrystals are influenced by changes in pressure, temperature, and mineral content that occur during the formation process. Unlike most other gemstones, each agate is unique. Even slabs cut from the same specimen will vary in color and design.

Agate "eyes" are a mysterious agate characteristic and are believed to be formed when most of the silica gel drains from the cavity, leaving only a droplet that "beads up" on the inside wall of the cavity. These droplets crystallize into solid chalcedony "eyes."

The perfect gift for the special person in your life who enjoys out of the ordinary, very extraordinary jewelry with a story!

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