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Acasta Gneiss Very Large

Acasta Gneiss Very Large NEW
Acasta Gneiss Very Large NEW
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Product Description

Acasta Gneiss Very Large NEW
Acasta Gneiss NW Territories Canada- New!

Nestled in the remote Northwest Territories of northern Canada, in the Slave Lake province, is the oldest and most unique known zircon-bearing evolved crust on Earth, acasta gneiss. The Acasta gneiss rock outcrop complex was formed during the earliest time of our planet's history, the Hadean Eon. The name is taken from the local Acasta River, east of Great Slave Lake some good distance north of Yellowknife. The rock exposed in the outcrop formed some 4.2 billion years ago; an age based on radiometric dating of zircon crystals.

Size: 130mm H X 55mm W X 55mm D, 415 grams

This is a superb specimen. Museum grade.

Wooden stand for Acasta gneiss included. Tag stand and cube not included.

Ships with tag (shown) and Certificate of Authenticity.