Our online science mall at sciencemall-usa.com is a geek gift store for the adult science enthusiast, science educator, and science researcher. Our mission is to provide science gifts, science educational products, meteorites, necklace, pendant, earrings, and fulgurite lightning sand jewelry. We also sell school geology rock and mineral specimens, rare mineral matrix specimens, pallasites, tektites, Libyan Desert Glass, fulgurite lightning sand, Lichtenberg figures, Titanic coal, school rock collections, manganese nodules, elements of the periodic table, fossils and legal historical artifacts. Rare earth rock specimens such as ancient life stromatolites (earth's earliest life), shatter cones, banded iron formation, Greenstone belt BIF banded iron formation, KT/boundary, K-Pg boundary, radioactive minerals, science art posters, prints, curio desk displays, science jewelry pendant necklace earrings, hand crafted artisan jewelry for KennedyCoJewelry, are also our specialty.

About Us & Store Policies

About Us & Store Policies
Sciencemall-USA.com is owned and operated by Jensan Scientifics LLC, in the USA.

We offer hard to find science gifts, extremely rare rock and mineral specimens, and educational gifts for the science enthusiast. We sell exotic jewelry like meteorite jewelry and fulgurite lightning sand jewelry, Titanic shipwreck coal, famous meteorites (Allende, Ensisheim, Sikhote-Alin, Cape York), fossil jewelry, rare rocks, minerals, archeology gifts, scientific microslides and unusual science art posters, prints, and various types of periodic tables.

Our Clients: We are dedicated to serving the science enthusiast, private scientific collectors, colleges, universities, planetariums, discovery centers, field museums, Hollywood Movie Studios, international scientists and more from around the world.

We have been in the internet business for over 20 years.

We do custom jewelry, specializing in: meteorite, lightning sand, ancient rock jewelry, unique and rare scientific materials.

We collaborate with scientists and educators to develop visually engaging and informative science products and specimens.

Contact our Help Desk by Text Message at: 252-987-3047

We will return your message inquiry within hours! No soliciting.

We buy some scientific estate collections and do trades with scientific institutions.

We are on expeditions frequently to bring you the best science specimens and gifts possible!

Notice: Returns are accepted, except for jewelry that is custom made. You must let us know within 3 business days of receiving your order that you wish to return the item you ordered. No returns of any sort are accepted after 10 days of receipt of item, without notifying us of your desire to return the item. If you return the item without notifying us outside the window of the 10 day return policy we reserve the right to a 50% restocking fee. We are not Amazon or a Masterclass Science store.

We serve serious professionals that are interested in professional scientific specimens for scientific study.

E-mail (fastest response): scimallusa@yahoo.com


Science Mall-USA.com; 3500 Dodge St, Ste 205 Dubuque, IA 52003

We do ship WORLDWIDE.

Store Hours: 9-5 CST, Monday-Friday; Saturday and Sunday: email only

Geological specimen trades are welcomed and we do trade for materials from only professional, verifiable sources.