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White Smoker Lake Gosiute Wyoming

White Smoker Freshwater Vent Pipe NEW
White Smoker Freshwater Vent Pipe NEW
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Product Description

White Smoker Freshwater Vent Pipe NEW
White Smoker Lake Gosiute Wyoming

This particular type of white smoker is from a preserved freshwater vent from ancient Lake Gosiute, the Green River Eocene, Wyoming. Lake Gosiute is roughly 50 million years old.

The white smoker form grew and flourished around a fresh water vent in a lake saturated with a very high lime and alkaline content. The lake also had saturated waste from the prolific stromatolites. The stromatolites tolerate a very high pH but prefer a more neutral habitat to thrive in.

With closer inspection this smoker will have ostracodes preserved in it and will exhibit calcite crystals buried in its interior and around the lip of its exterior top and bottom pipe. These crystals were the last of the minerals to come out of suspension as the lake dried up and fossilized in the process.

This "white smoker" came from a fossil fish mortality zone where the fish hung on until the water became unlivable.

This is like the black smokers in deep ocean vents with the difference being freshwater source on land. This is a great, unusual specimen to add to unique geological collections, especially focused on extremophile early life.

Size About: 7" L X 2.5" W X 3" D

Weight: 1.7 lbs.

Source: Wyoming, Only 1 available, Exceedingly rare.