Wabar Glass for Sale

Wabar Glass for Sale - Sold!
Wabar Glass for Sale - Sold!
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Authentic Wabar Glass for Sale

This is as ultra-rare as it gets. Apart from Tunguska wood, exogenic fulgurites (see on this site) and only a few other things, Wabar Glass is very exotic! This specimen has been in the private collection of Jensan Scientifics for about 20 years.

What is Wabar Glass?

A large massive iron meteorite fell in the Rub'Al-Khali desert of Saudi Arabia about 6,000 years ago. It created 3 known craters and the sand which heated upon impact fused and created impactite which was strewn for hundreds of miles. Two forms of impactite were created from this impact: black glass and white sandstone fragments that mixed with the quartz-rich sand. The high temperatures also caused the white sandstone to bubble and froth, giving it quite a unique appearance.

Weight: 0.5 grams, Size: 16mmL X 9mmW X 7mmD

This is the best piece out of our collection. Guaranteed Authentic: Jensan Scientifics, LLC Comes with authenticity and description.

A classic looking specimen for this locale - with all the attributes one would expect in a great addition to a serious collection.

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