Trinitite - from the 1945 Trinity Atomic Bomb Test. Excellent Specimen!

Trinitite - Atomic -
Trinitite - Atomic -
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Trinitite - Atomic -
. . For the Executive or Serious Rock Collector

Trinitite is fused radioactive sand from directly beneath the world's first atomic bomb detonation in 1945. The above-ground blast created a crater that was lined with greenish trinitite - normal sand fused by the unimaginible heat of the fireball. Once very radioactive, the site itself, and the trinitite found in museums around the world, retain today a negligible amount of radioactivity.

The site has been stripped of all the glassy trinitite in the years since 1945, and this sample is from a supply collected by a research scientist years after the event occurred.

Trinity Site, near Alamogordo, New Mexico

Comes in a hinged, 65mm contained display case with info. Shown above in end-view for detail of the glassy vesicles.

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EXtremely difficult to find samples of now.