Titanic Coal Jewelry 14K Gold Necklace With Aquamarine Accent Regular Size

Titanic Coal  Gold  Aquamarine Necklace Regular
Titanic Coal Gold Aquamarine Necklace Regular
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Titanic Coal Jewelry

14k Gold Necklace With Aquamarine Crystal Accent Regular Size

Titanic shipwreck coal is wound delicately in a gold wire wrap, open cosmic design, in a lovely combination of dark and brilliant tones. Each piece is hand made, and the supply is strictly limited. The coal sample is from the actual wreck of RMS Titanic -- recovered from under 12,000 feet of icy North Atlantic water.

Each piece has been stabilized with crystal-clear, high-grade jeweler's epoxy, which strengthens the sample and keeps the coal from smudging fine clothing. The pendant is about 2 1/4" inches long by 1" wide. Certificate of authenticity included.

Especially made for the person who treasures the legacy of the Titanic!

Chain not included. Shipped in a fine jewelry box.

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