The Surface of Mars Science Poster with 3-D glasses

The Surface of Mars Science Poster
The Surface of Mars Science Poster
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Traveler's Guide to the Surface of Mars" science poster invites you travel on Mars as if you were a tourist visiting its most interesting sites and features!

Visit the Valles Marineras, Syrtis Major, and famous Olympus Mons. The poster takes you to 16 different fabulous places on Mars that you visit in same way you would use a travel guide. Take a 3-D look at the Valles Marineras, a 3-D crater on Mars, and a 3-D look at the Red Planet. 3-D glasses come with the poster!

While traveling Mars in a tourist site fashion you can key your location to the map provided near the center, so you always know where you are.

The Mars poster also discusses Mars Meteorites, the Geology of Mars, Epochs on Mars, Mars "Geological Facts," a brief introduction to the life of Percival Lowell, and much more!

This Mars poster was created by Sarah Kennedy, Jensan Scientifics. Edited by Barbara Day.

Contributing editors are: Dr. William Hartmann, Dr. Harry McSween, and Dr. Leslie Bleamaster, III. Painting by Dr. William Hartmann, 3-D images of Mars and the Valles Marineras provided by Ron Miller, especially for this poster. Space images provided by NASA/ MSSS/JPL.

UV Coated to protect against the denaturing effect of sunlight. SIZE: 27" X 38" FREE Earth analog "Mars Blueberry" and info card with every order of this poster! Make science fun!