Stromatolite Sample Set I

Stromatolite Sample Set I
Stromatolite Sample Set I
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Stromatolite Sample Set I

Specimen 1 on the far left - Caryospongia stellatim sulcatum From the Beach River Formation, Brownsport Group

Upper Sulurian - Cayugan, Tennessee

Specimen 2; second from left- Callixylon whiteanum From the Woodford Shale, M. Devonian - Murray Cty, OK

Specimen 3 - second from right - Cyanobacterial Oncoids-Lismore Limestone, Islay Fm 650 myrs Precambrian - Daldradian, Scotland

Specimen 4 - very right - Kinnenia simulans McRae Formation, Precambrian - 2.5 billion Hamersley Range, Australia

Information about each specimen is on the outer disc of each specimen.