Stromatolite Pendant Sterling Silver

Stromatolite Fossil Pendant Sterling Silver
Stromatolite Fossil Pendant Sterling Silver
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The beginning and evolution of life on Earth is a fascinating and remarkable story. Much of what we know is theory but we have pieced together, for the most part, from ancient rocks what early life was like.

Stromatolites are part of that early history. This jewelry is the perfect gift for biologists, biology majors, teachers, and/ or those interested in early life on our planet.

Many scientists theorize that if we find life on Mars, it might be stromatolitic or something similar to them.

Name: Chlorellopsis Colonia Reis

Age: an eocene stromatolite, Green River, Wyoming, about 50 myo

Size of Pendant: 1" diameter

Location found: Green River Shale, Wyoming

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Comes in attractive jewelry box with information and authenticity. When ordering you will get a piece looking similarly to the one depicted. Polished both sides.

Sterling Silver Chain: 20"