Stromatolite Earth's Ancient Life Display

Ancient Life Stromatolite Display - Sold!
Ancient Life Stromatolite Display - Sold!
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Ancient Life Stromatolite Display - Sold!
Stromatolite Earth's Ancient Life Huge

The stromatolite, Chlorellopsis coloniata Reis, is an Eocene stromatolite. This beautiful , large slab has well preserved between the fastastic laminations. Very good silification, excellent replica of the Shark Bay material only smaller.

Lake Gosiute, Ft. Laclede bed, Laney member, Bridger A-B of Green River eocene. 45 myo.

Technical information on the piece:

This Eeocene stromatolite is named Chlorellopsis colonia Reis. It comes in a number of phases that were related to the depth of the freshwater that they grew in. This one is from Ft. Laclede bed, Laney member of Green River Eocene, 50 myo. These are a marvel of preservation. For further info. look up Bradly 1964,Bradly 1929, or Surdam 73-99. They are the experts on GR Eocene stromatolites.

The fascinating story of ancient freshwater Lake Gosiute of SW Wyoming's Eocene is larger than the lake itself (45,000 sq.mi.) It was a stromatolite heaven some 45-52 million years ago. Volcanic ash filled in the very shallow lake covering it a mile deep in ash that has since eroded off to expose the lake bed of today. The silica rich ash provided excellent preservation of the many phases of the Chlorellopsis colonia Reis stromatolites of the shallow (60' maximum depth) lake. Flamingo's (Aves Phoenecopteridea)other birds, tithanotheres, running rhino's, creodonts, oreodonts all lived here once. Tuffa mounds, varves, paleo soils, giant turtles, crocodiles and other inhabitants make it a fascinating place for study. Eohippus horse was there. Lake Gosiute is a very historical event in North America's fossil record.

3.5 billion years ago stromatolite colonies flourished in Australia. (see apex chert) From around 3-1.8 byo stromatolites made the oxygen we breathe today. Wyoming has many ages of stromatolites from 2.58 byo to 50 myo mostly.

SIZE: About 7" W X 4 5/8" H X 5/8" D; About Weighs 1.2 lbs.

Wooden display stand included, authenticity and info.

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