Seashells Poster

Seashells Poster
Seashells Poster
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North American Seashells Poster

This is, by far, the most comprehensive poster on seashells ever published. Magnificent illustrations accurately portray 140 specimens. Informative captions cite common name, biological name, size and where they are found.

There are over 100,000 mollusks, so extensive research went into selecting the species to be shown. They include representatives from all major biological groups. Special care was taken to show the shells most often found on North American beaches and those widely available in souvenir and shell shops.

This is a truly beautiful poster that makes a handsome addition to any decor. It also provides an easy way for the novice collector to quickly identify the results after beach combing.

Size: 24" L X 36" W

Comes laminated. CLICK on image to enlarge.

Recommended grades 6 and up