Sands of the World Poster

Sands of the World Poster
Sands of the World Poster
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Sands of the World poster is an incredible display of 43 amazing images of sand found throughout the world!

Sands are from: the Bahamas, Japan, Hawaii, Antarctica, the continental shelf, Iwa Jima, Australia, Chile, China and Egypt, to name a few. Also shown are exotic sands such as: foraminifera sand, lightning-fused sand display process, a fulgurite (lightning-fused sand) and sand from the interior of an ancient dinosaur egg.

Poster size: 26" X 36", Laminated, Copyright 2006

Photos by Dr. David Douglass, Rex Elliot / Nicholas D'Errico Photo Library, Jensan Scientifics LLC and Photo Researchers, Inc.

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