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"Peaceful Moon" Pendant Set

"Peaceful Moon" 14k Gold Pendant Set
"Peaceful Moon" 14k Gold Pendant Set
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Product Description

"Peaceful Moon" Pendant Set 14k Gold

The “Peaceful Moon” pendant is among the most popular astronomical pendants. It was carved with exquisite detail by expert craftsman and depicts the face of the moon with a peaceful expression. The material is polished, legal antique bone that comes from Myanmar. People the world over have long associated the Moon with “rebirth” as its cycle becomes full and then becomes smaller and smaller until it is just a sliver left in the sky. It is also a symbol for new beginnings.

The pendant is 1" diameter, with the total pendant size with gold wrap being 2 1/8" X 1 1/4." The earrings are 5/8" diameter, with the total earring size 1 1/2" X 7/8".

The jewelry is wire-wrapped in 14 karat gold in an open cosmic design. This beautiful set comes with an elegant crushed velvet jewelry box, authenticity and information.

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