Petroglyph Rock Art for Sale Reproduction

Petroglyph Rock Art for Sale Reproduction - Sold!
Petroglyph Rock Art for Sale Reproduction - Sold!
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Petroglyph Rock Art for Sale Reproduction

A deep-time perspective of neolithic man, hand-painted on quality parchment.

Sahara Petroglyph Prehistoric Rock Art; Sahara Rock Painting Reproduction; Hand Painted

Site Location: Takededoumatinc in Tassili N'Ajjer circa 3500 B.C.

This Saharan Rock Art painting gives us a deep-time perspective of neolithic man. This hand-painted reproduction of prehistoric rock art was discovered at Takededoumatinc, in Tassili N'Ajjer, which is a mountain range in the Algerian section of the Sahara Desert.

The range is noted for its prehistoric rock art and other ancient archaeological sites, dating from the Neolithic era when the local climate was less dry, savannah rather than desert. The art depicts herds of cattle, human activities such as hunting and dancing. According to UNESCO, "The exceptional density of paintings and engravings...have made Tassili world famous as from 1933, the date of its discovery.

Dated about 3,500 BCE, in the Mesolithic (Middle Stone) Age. Size: 15 1/2"H X 12 1/2"W X 3/4" D, Walnut frame, glass cover.

Comes with information and authenticity.

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