Pena Blanca Springs Meteorite

Pena Blanca Springs Meteorite - SOLD!
Pena Blanca Springs Meteorite - SOLD!
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Product Description

Pena Blanca Springs Meteorite, 24 grams

This meteorite is perhaps one of the most sought after and difficult to obtain. It is a witnessed fall.

Marathon, Brewster County, Texas, USA. Stone: Achondrite, Ca-poor, Aubrite. Fell: 1946, August 2, afternoon hours. Total known weight: 70.4 kg.

Size: 3" L X 1 5/8"W X 1/8" Thick

24.6 Grams Guaranteed authentic, highly attractive piece!

Comes in a Riker mount display case with info.

As for provenance, the meteorite was originally purchased from the well-know meteorite dealer Al Lang.