Sterling Silver Ocean Jasper Pendant

Ocean Jasper Sterling Silver Pendant
Ocean Jasper Sterling Silver Pendant
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Sterling Silver Ocean Jasper Pendant

Ocean Jasper is from Madagascar and is found along this country's coast. On some occasions it is called "Orbicular Jasper" in reference to its colorful orbs, and some "Moon Jewel Jasper." It has beautiful green and creamy pinkish colors with the numerous orbs mixed throughout.

This material is made from igneous rock, rich in silica. As it cools, sometimes the silica starts to precipitate out of the magma, forming little spherical balls. This type of formation is easily recognizable in the aforementioned jaspers. If these balls or "globs" of silica-rich magma are allowed to grow larger before the whole mass becomes solid. Ocean Jasper has a typical rhyolite formation except that the entire mass has somehow been converted to pure silica (agate, jasper, quartz). The descriptions "silicated rhyolite", petrified rhyolite, or agatized rhyolite are non-sensical but take on a generally understandable meaning when viewing this rock. This is one-of-a-kind material and is not found anywhere else known on earth.

Size: 1 1/2" L X 1" W X 1/4"D

The pendant comes with information, authenticity and a 20" sterling silver chain.

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