North Pole Stromatolite

North Pole Stromatolite
North Pole Stromatolite
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North Pole Stromatolite

Fossil stromatolites are found throughout the geological record and are important biosignatures for the early Earth and in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Stromatolites are defined as "organosedimentary structures predominantly accreted by sediment trapping, binding, and/ or in situ precipitation as a result of the growth and metabolic activity of microorganisms."

The oldest examples of preserved fossil stromatolites in the geological record are about 3.5 billion years old (Ga) and are found in Western Australia and South Africa. Stromatolites in the geological record can provide insights into the nature of habitable environments on the early Earth. They are the ancient microbial mat metabolists and the early progenitors of biogeochemical cycles.

This specimen is stromatolitic in origin and barite replacement has occurred at its North Pole locality, Australia. It is about 3.49 billion years old and is considered to be, perhaps at the very least, the oldest stromatolite on Earth.

Size: 1/2" W X 1 1/4" H X 1/2" D

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