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Nantan Meteorite Jewelry Pendant 14k Gold

Nantan Meteorite Jewelry Pendant 14k Gold
Nantan Meteorite Jewelry Pendant 14k Gold
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Product Description

Meteorite Jewelry Pendant

Size: 1 3/4" L X 1" W Weight: About 5.7 grams, all similar, Quantity: 1 Left Set in 14K gold. Comes with attractive jewelry box, information and authenticity.

The Nantan Meteorite fell to earth in 1516, according to written Chinese history. The first find was recorded in 1958 when the Chinese were looking for a steel source for the "New China." These heavy, iron rich "rocks" seemed ideal for steel making, except that they would not smelt. Geologists finally determined that these were iron meteorites. It was also assessed that broken fragments were distributed over 27 kilometers in Nantan County, China, and had various shapes and sizes.

Nantans, when sliced, contain the famous "Widmanstatten pattern" which is an elegant cross-banding weave of the minerals kamacite and taenite, which cooled at different rates while being hurled through deep space.

This is a limited edition rare meteorite pendant, wire wrapped in a cosmic, free flowing hand design.

All shipped specimens look similar in appearance and style.

Certified authentic Jensan Scientifics, LLC

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