Mt. St. Helen's Green Jewelry

Mt. St. Helen's Green Jewelry 14k Gold
Mt. St. Helen's Green Jewelry 14k Gold
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Product Description

Mt. St. Helen's Green Obsidian Spectacular Jewelry Pendant -14k Gold

This is the most beautiful green jewelry you will ever find!

Fused from the rock gathered after the 1980 Mt. St. Helen's eruption, this gem type stone has been literally "fired" from the crust of the earth. The pulverized rock has been subjected to intense heat and pressure to create this very rich, emerald color. This exotic green gem has been "hand woven" into a wire-wrapped cosmic design to give it an unparalleled grandeur of style and excellence.


Set in a flowing hand design, in 14 karat gold wire wrap, the set was then accented with a single freshwater pearl bead drop.

Pendant size: 1 3/4"L X 7/8" W, including the pearl drop.

Comes with an attractive jewelry display box, authenticity and information. Chain not included.

If green gems is the penchant, this deep blushing green is truly enchanting!

Last one. Only 3 made.