The Moon Rocks/ Earth Rocks Collection with Lunar Mineralogy Book

The Moon Rocks Earth Rocks Collection -w-Book
The Moon Rocks Earth Rocks Collection -w-Book
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The Moon Rocks/Earth Rocks Collection with Book!

There are also 17 specimens that are representative of the samples brought to Earth by the Apollo astronauts. The Apollo moon rocks are priceless and these Earth analogs help bring the knowledge gained from these missions to you in an affordable way.

The Moon Rock / Earth Rock Collection was created by bringing together a set of Earth rocks that match the Moon rocks closely in mineral content and structure.

Several of the samples are rare, and four glass vials contain carefully created analogs for lunar dust,lunar soils,and lunar volcanic glass.

This set is HIGHLY recommended for collectors, and for use in museum displays and educational outreach programs.

Comes with Pocket Guide to Lunar Mineralogy! Researched and developed by Jensan Scientifics, LLC.