Mind Drugs Poster

Mind Drugs Poster
Mind Drugs Poster
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Product Description

Mind Drugs Poster - Portrays 25 of the most notable drugs used worldwide, while using accurate representative graphics. The drugs are represented in alphabetical order. Drugs depicted are: Adderall, Alcohol, Amphetamine, Caffeine, Cocaine, Codeine, Ecstacy, Ma Huang, GHB, Heroin, Kava Kava, Ketamine, Lithium, LSC, Marijuana, Mescaline, Nicotine, Nitrous oxide, Oxycodone, PCP, Prozac, Psilocybin, Salvia, Scopolamine, and Valium.

Size: 25" W X 37.5" L, Quality Laminate.

Also includes information on chemistry, type of drug, action, physiological disorders and derivation and history.

Copyright: 2011-2012.

Produced by Jensan Scientifics, LLC.