The Meteorite Study Set

Meteorite Study Set - Revised 2014
Meteorite Study Set - Revised 2014
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The Meteorite Study Set - 2014!

Every day the Earth is peppered with rocks from space - meteorites. These small bits of solar system rock and metal, believed to be fragments of the asteroids, mostly burn up in the atmosphere. At night we see them as the swift meteors, or "shooting stars." Bigger pieces of the same material can plunge all the way through the atmosphere and land on the ground, where they are then officially called meteorites.

This study set presents samples of both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial rocks to teach the subjects of space science and Earth science combined in a way that only meteorites and related minerals can.

The set includes two different types of meteorites(one iron and one stony) a specimen of impactite, and three minerals which help teach about the composition of meteorites. A detailed information sheet is included with the set.

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