Meteorite Jewelry Sterling Silver

Campo Meteorite Jewelry Sterling Silver
Campo Meteorite Jewelry Sterling Silver
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Campo del Cielo Meteorite Jewelry

Exotic jewelry wire wrapped in an open cosmic design, sterling silver wire. This is a great meteorite for jewelry, as it comes in all different forms and features that make each piece unique. This piece was selected for its beauty, form and size to become special meteorite jewelry. Only about 1 in 50 pieces looks good enough to do this.

Size: 2" L X 5/8" W X 13/8" D, Weight: 11 grams

About Campo del Cielo Meteorite Field: The crater field for these meteorites covers a large area and consists of at least 26 craters, the largest being 11591 meters. The crater's age is estimated at about 5,000 years old. The craters, containing iron masses, were reported in 1576, but were already well known to the aboriginal inhabitants of the area. The Spanish translation of Campo del Cielo means "Field of the Sky," based on Indian legends that a mass had indeed fallen from the heavens.

Comes with an attractive red velvet jewelry box, information and authenticity. Only one like it!

Chain not included.