Estherville Meteorite for with Great Fusion Crust - 8.6 grams

Estherville Meteorite for Sale
Estherville Meteorite for Sale
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Estherville Meteorite for Sale
Estherville Meteorite for Sale with great fusion crust!

There have been three great meteoric falls that have occurred in the State of Iowa. One was at Homestead, in 1875; Estherville, in 1879, and Forest City, in 1890.

Residents of Estherville in Emmet County received an extra-terrestrial visitor at 5:00 p.m. on May 10, 1879. An exploding meteorite roared to Earth along a seven-mile path from south of Superior in Dickinson County to north of Estherville. Three large fragments (weighing 431, 152, and 101 pounds) and hundreds of smaller pieces were recovered. A monument near Estherville commemorates the event.

Size: 25 mm L x 17mm W x 7mm D, 8.6 grams

Comes with authenticity and information.

Rarely seen on the market with fusion crust.

As for provenance, From the David L. Coleman collection.

Most of the meteorites offered are from the David L. Coleman Collection. David's meteorites were purchased primarily from Al Lang and French Meteorite dealers. He became interested in meteorites in 1989 and continued collecting them until his passing in late, 2002. Geoff Notkin wrote about his life in Meteorite Magazine.

Guaranteed Authenticity.