A Meteorite Poster at last!

Meteorites: A-Z Poster
Meteorites: A-Z Poster
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Meteorites, like you have never seen them before!

The "World of Meteorites from A to Z" poster contains over 30 outstanding pictures of the most photogenic meteorites - one for each of the alphabet, plus additional images of particularly interesting specimens. Other sections talk about meteorite hunters, the Peekskill Meteorite Car and aspects of photomicroscopy.

The introduction is by noted author Dr. Harry McSween ("Meteorites and Their Parent Planets"). An additional portion on thin sections is provided by O. Richard Norton ("Rocks From Space"). The descriptions of the 26 alphabetical meteorites were provided by David Weir.

Meteorite specimans and additional photographs kindly furnished by Allan and Iris Lang, Geoff Cintron, Jim Kriegh, John Sinclair, Steve Arnold IMB, and Jamie Stephens.

Co-produced by Sarah Kennedy, Jensan Scientifics, and author/photographer Geoffrey Notkin, Stanegate Studios.

Printed on heavyweight stock, suitable for framing, and UV coated to protect colors from denaturing effects of sunlight. SIZE: 27" X 38"

Destined to become a classic!