Meteorite - 34.4 grams - SOLD!

Meteorite - 34.4 grams - SOLD!
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This meteorite is known as NWA 869. The sample is 34.4 grams and is 2 1/2 L X 1 3/4 W and is 1/4" thick, with loads of chondrules.

The oldest rocks on Earth are actually not from Earth. The oldest rocks are the meteorites that fall to Earth from space! Almost every meteorite can be dated to about 4.55 billion years old.

The oldest earth minerals to date are the Jack Hills zircons, from Australia. Detrital zircons with ages >4000 Ma have been found in these rocks and a 4,404 +/- 8 Myr zircon was found at Eranondoo Hill (Wilde et al., 2001), the oldest dated material on Earth. The acasta tonalite from Canada and the Barberton greenstone from South Africa are very old, too.

Comes with information in a nice display case with authenticity.

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