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Manganese Nodules for Sale

Manganese Nodules for Sale
Rare metals and elements are found in these unique manganese nodules found on the Pacific Ocean floor and other parts of the world. There are very few opportunities to add these unusual geological wonders to your superb geological collection! Many of the nodules that we have for sale have foldings and many rounded smaller nodules accredited into one specimen, which is desired in great manganese nodules.

Manganese Nodule - NEW!
Regular price: $155.00
Sale price: $145.00
Manganese Nodule Pacific Ocean Floor - NEW!
Manganese Nodule - Sold!
Manganese Nodule
Manganese Nodule Well-Defined - New!
Regular price: $175.00
Sale price: $165.00
Manganese Nodule - New!
Manganese Nodule - NEW!
Manganese Nodule High Iron
Manganese Nodules For Sale
Regular price: $399.95
Sale price: $345.00