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Lunar Meteorite - Dar Al Gani 400

Dar Al Gani 400 Lunar Meteorite - Sold
Dar Al Gani 400 Lunar Meteorite - Sold
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Dar Al Gani 400 Lunar Meteorite - Sold
Meteorite from the Moon for Sale

This specimen arrived to Earth by meteorite and is called a "lunar meteorite." Now it is possible to be the owner of a legal piece of the Moon,(not from the Apollo missions) a great specimen of this famous lunar anorthositic breccia found in 1998.

The black frame features a 15x4mm x .5mm piece of the Moon, cut from the lunar meteorite Dar Al Gani 400. It comes with a certificate of authenticity. Our certification guarantees the scientific data of the meteorites, the lunar meteorite classified by researchers.

Frame size: 4 1/4"L X 3 1/4"W X 7/8" D, Weight: 0.064 grams

Specimen size: 16mm W X 5mm H X .5mm D

LOW as this will go!

From the David L. Coleman Collection. Most of the meteorites offered are from the David L. Coleman Collection. David's meteorites were purchased primarily from Al Lang and French Meteorite dealers. He became interested in meteorites in 1989 and continued collecting them until his passing in late, 2002. Geoff Notkin wrote about his life in Meteorite Magazine.