Maotianshania cylindrica

Maotianshania cylindrica - Maotianshan Hill, Yunnan Province - Sold!
Maotianshania cylindrica - Maotianshan Hill, Yunnan Province - Sold!
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Maotianshania cylindrica - Maotianshan Hill, Yunnan Province - Sold!

Maotianshania cylindrica

The Maotianshan Shales come from lower Cambrian deposits in the Chiungchussu formation, famous for their Konservat Lagerstätten - deposits known for the exceptional preservation of fossilized organisms or traces. There are some forty Cambrian fossil locations worldwide exhibiting exquisite preservation of rarely preserved, non-mineralized soft tissue, and the The Maotianshan shales are one of them. They are comparable to the fossils of the Burgess Shale and take their name from Maotianshan Hill in Chengjiang County, Yunnan Province, China.

The Chengjiang biota has all the animal groups found in the Burgess Shale but is ten million years older. It strongly supports the idea that metazoans diversified earlier and faster in the early Cambrian than does the Burgess Shale fauna by itself. The preservation and diverse assemblage of fossils in the Maotianshan shale makes it the world’s most important locality for understanding the evolution of early multi-cellular life, and especially the members of phylum Chordata.

Maotianshania cylindrica is an extinct worm-like creature of average size (up to 4 centimetres or 1.6 inches long and 2 millimetres or 0.079 inches wide). It occurs in the Lower Cambrian (Atdabanian) Chengjiang biota of Northeastern Yunnan, China. It is usually preserved as pink impression. The gut is a dark central zone. The anterior pharyx and "collar", carry tiny sepia-colored teeth. The very back-end of the body has two small hooks.

Specimen size: 75mm L X 36mm W X 16mm D, Weight: 66 grams;

Maotianshania cylindrica size: 32mm L X 2.5mm W (from curled head to end)

Shipped in a display case with information and authenticity.

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