Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry for Sale

Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Sterling Silver for Sale
Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Sterling Silver for Sale
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Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Sterling Silver for Sale

Exceptionally Nice, Classy and Elegant.

4 grams; Size: 1 3/8" L X 3/4" W X 3/8"D

Shipped in crushed velvet jewelry box, information and authenticity. Sterling Silver 16" chain included.

Libyan Glass could have been made by the action of a comet or asteroid hitting the sand in the Libyan desert and causing it to vaporize into these beautiful droplets of glass.

This Libyan Desert Glass came from the shimmering sands of the Libyan desert, in northern Africa. About 26 million years ago a giant cosmic bolide (asteroid, meteorite or comet) impacted this region and ejected the desert sand into the air. It was immediately melted by the heat of the impact and as it fell to earth it cooled and condensed into these beautiful yellow-frothed glass droplets. The telltale remains of the impact were scattered across parts of the Libyan desert, and there it remained until bedouins and explorers discovered them. This glass is so unique that it was found in King Tut's tomb. It was special enough to be chosen as the centerpiece in his breastplate! This Libyan glass was legally collected and elegantly woven by a skilled artisan into this sterling silver exclusive jewelry. Each beautiful pendant setting is a historical reminder of this cosmic encounter, when the heavens touched the earth!

Gifts of legendary and keepsake value are the most prized, appreciated and remembered!

Give the gift that lasts a lifetime, or is handed down generation to generation!

Collected before 1970.

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