Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry

Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry 14k Gold
Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry 14k Gold
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Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry 14K Gold

Very Classy and Elegant.

12.2 grams; Size: 2 1/4"L X 1 3/8"W X 3/8"D

Comes with beautiful matching gold braided chain that is 20 inches long, a crushed black velvet jewelry box, information and authenticity.

Out of 100 pieces only 3 have been selected to become this rare jewelry.

Libyan Glass could have been made by the action of a comet or asteroid hitting the sand in the Libyan desert and causing it to vaporize into these beautiful droplets of glass.

WHAT IS LIBYAN DESERT GLASS? This unique glass was found in King Tut's tomb and is the centerpiece in his breastplate. It is found in the Libyan desert. No one knows exactly how it got there, but scientists think that it may be the remains of an asteroid or comet hitting the Libyan sand and causing the sand to vaporize into these beautiful droplets of glass. Libyan Desert Glass is natural glass, made of melted and re-fused sand in the desert of north Africa. These remnants of cosmic collision are called "impact materials", and they are fascinating specimens that hold clues to the nature of the object that struck. Pendants are custom set in a beautiful sterling silver bfiligree.

Collected before 1970.

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