La Criolla Meteorite for Sale with Crust

La Criolla Meteorite for Sale - Sold!
La Criolla Meteorite for Sale - Sold!
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La Criolla Meteorite for Sale with Crust - 23 grams

Fell January 6, 1985 in Entre Rios, Argentina At 6:15 PM one of the more spectacular falls of the latter part of the 20th century took place, with one of the stones crashing through the roof of a house. Nearly the entire fall (TKW 35 Kg) was recovered immediately by Bob Haag and sold into the collecting community and traded to institutions. It has been nearly impossible to obtain this material since the 1980s.

Size: 33mm L X 23 H X 25 mm D

Fantastic piece. Comes with original collection tag, information and authenticity.

Most of the meteorites offered are from the David L. Coleman Collection. David's meteorites were purchased primarily from Al Lang and French Meteorite dealers. He became interested in meteorites in 1989 and continued collecting them until his passing in late, 2002. Geoff Notkin wrote about his life in Meteorite Magazine.