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Journey to the Moon!
Journey to the Moon!
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For all of us who would love the chance to actually go to the Moon -- a place where only 12 men from Earth have EVER walked -- this medium size study collection presents the best Earth / Moon analog rocks and minerals available.

The Moon and Earth are believed to have had a similar genesis, being formed in the same part of the solar system, at about the same time. In fact, the most widely held theory is that the material of the Moon was struck off the Earth by the impact of a Mars-size body, after which the debris condensed to form the Moon. It has been found that many of the rocks and minerals of the lunar surface match similar forms on Earth.

This collection contains 6 samples; 5 hand samples (approx. 1.5 inch) of rocks and minerals, and one vial of lunar facsimile soil. Comes with a detailed information sheet.