Jack Hills Zircons in Matrix - Large - Sold!

Jack Hills Zircons in Matrix - Large - Sold!
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Jack Hills Zircons in Matrix - Large - Sold!
Authentic Jack Hills Zircons in Matrix Rock with Picture of the Back.

Detrital zircons with ages >4000 Ma have been found in these rocks and a 4,404 +/- 8 Myr zircon was found at Eranondoo Hill , the oldest dated material on Earth; the date is in the Cryptic era of the Hadean eon. They were found within part of the 3.6-3.8Ga supracrustal sequence.

The importance of this interpretation is that, in order for the rocks of the Jack Hills to contain detrital zircons, the Earth must have firstly been cool enough to support liquid water on the surface, if not a water ocean that there must have been some kind of temporary continental-type crust, most likely very thin, on the surface of the Earth, and not a magma ocean as postulated for the earliest phase of the Earth's history.

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Size: 1 3/4"H X 1 1/4" W X 5/8"D, 33 grams

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