Isua Banded Iron, Greenland

Isua Banded Iron for Sale
Isua Banded Iron for Sale
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Isua Banded Iron for Sale

The Isua Greenstone Belt is an Archaean greenstone belt in southwestern Greenland dated at 3.8-3.7 Ga. It contains the oldest known, well preserved, metavolcanic (metamorphosed mafic volcanic), metasedimentary and sedimentary rocks on Earth. Since it has the best preserved supracrustal components it is of vital importance in providing information on the oldest known terrestrial environment and a prospective locality in which to search for the earliest traces of life on Earth.

The antiquity of these rocks was first established by Moorbath, in 1973.This extremely rare outcrop of ancient rock, called the Isua Greenstone Belt (IGB)somehow survived its unusual location, as the area consists of no less than five tectonic domains.

There are older rocks elsewhere - but they were formed deep in the Earth's crust and cannot give any information as to the surface conditions of the early Earth like the IGB rocks do.

During our warehouse move we discovered 2 specimens. Size: Approximately 1" H X 1/2" W X 1/2" D

Guaranteed Authentic: Jensan Scientifics, LLC

Comes in attractive display box with information, authenticity and certificate.