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Hingganite Rare Yttrium Containing Rare Element

Hingganite Contains Rare Yttrium Element
Hingganite Contains Rare Yttrium Element
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Product Description

Hingganite Contains Rare Yttrium Element
Hingganite for Sale Contains Rare Yttrium Element

Locality: Ploskaya Mt., Keivy, Kola Peninsula, Russia

Chemical Formula: Y2([])Be2Si2O8(OH)2

Empirical Formula: Y1.21Ca0.28Nd0.06Gd0.06Dy0.06Yb0.05Er0.04Ce0.04Sm0.03Ho0.03Lu0.02Pr0.01Tm0.01Tb0.01La0.01 Fe2+0.23Be2.07Si2.07O8.19(OH)1.55

Specimen Size: 55 mm H X 53mm W X 27mm D

Exceedingly nice specimen. Exceptional addition to any serious mineral collection.

Ships with display case, information and Certificate of Authenticity.