Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Sterling Silver - Good Luck For Graduation, Lifetime Achievement, Mother's Day

Graduation or Congratulations Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Necklace
Graduation or Congratulations Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Necklace
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Graduation or Congratulations Meteorite Jewelry Pendant, Sterling Silver with Campo del Cielo meteorite, Emerald, Sapphire, Fire Opal and Ruby Crystal Gemstone Accents.

This pendant necklace incorporates "Feng Shui Good Luck Gemstone Color and Meaning" combined with "Gemstone Lore." This is not scientifically based but has been a time honored belief held through many centuries of legends, lore and traditions about these stones.

Meteorite is the parent stone on which the other gemstone crystals are based. Meteorites traditionally have been thought to promote the power to grant wishes or encourage enduring hope. The very name of the meteorite, itself, Campo del Cielo means "field of the sky or heavens." Using this meteorite as the basic stone to build the feng shui of the other gemstone crystals is the foundation for the overall meaning of good luck and best wishes for this meteorite jewelry.

Emerald properties promote: wealth, luck, protection and safety. It also is the restorer of confidence and hope while utilizing intuition.

The next stone following the emerald is Sapphire. Different colors of sapphire mean different things however the blue sapphire promotes wisdom, inspiration, knowledge and creativity.

Fire opal follows the sapphire. This stone is about passion and "fire." It is important to find out what we are really good at and what skills we have been given. The traditional use of the fire opal lends us the creative energy to adapt while fulfilling our life's purpose. It is the stone of transformation and endurance.

The last but not least of the gemstones in our best wishes for the graduate or in congratulating someone special for a lifetime achievement is the Ruby crystal accent. Rubies are considered to be the "Lord of the Gemstones." The color red historically means "courage." The red badge of courage gives us the strength to take on life's tasks while striking out on new paths that life creates for us every day. A renewing of spirit, sense of self and destiny inspires us to go forward in attaining our life's purpose and hopes. Courage and determination to succeed dominate this gemstone.

This graduation meteorite with crystal gemstones jewelry was designed to be among the best of gifts and good luck for those embarking on a new future, filled with hopes, aspirations and career dreams.

Size: 1 1/2" L X 3/4" W X 1/2" D, All very similar yet different. Only the best meteorites are selected for this jewelry. 16" Sterling Silver chain included.

All similar meteorites, yet different. Gemstone crystals are consistently similar.

Ships in attractive crystal/black velvet case with information about the jewelry and Certificate of Authenticity.