Fulgurite - Famous "Darwin" Pernanbuco

Fulgurite - Famous "Darwin" Pernanbuco
Fulgurite - Famous "Darwin" Pernanbuco
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Tri-color Fulgurite from Pernambuco, Brazil

Location: Brazil

Size: 2"L X 5/8"W X 3/8"D , 2.3 grams

Fulgurite - Lightning Fused sand! Gorgeous display piece with mostly gray with curtain-like formations. Very classic, folded and draped look. It is apparent where lightning passed in and out.

This fulgurite was found along the coast of Brazil - Pernanbuco, the same area where Charles Darwin sailed on October, 1841. There is some history that indicates he may have found some fulgurites along this same coast. Even though it is uncertain as to what these objects were at the time, they were quizzical as to their nature and mystical in form.

Color: White to gray to light orange an all natural specimen, with origin and authenticity. Only 2 available. All similar.

No picture can capture the entire beauty of a fulgurite. Plenty of lightning-made glass to see! Superb specimen, Grade A++

Shipped in a protective see-through display case with info and certified authenticity Jensan Scientifics LLC.

Delicate natural glass sculpture created by the brief stroke of a billion-volt lightning bolt! Fulgurites make the most remarkable sound when tapped gently - a wind-chime sort of ring that's different with each sample.

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