Fulgurite Lightning Sand Wind Chimes

Fulgurite Lightning Sand Wind Chimes
Fulgurite Lightning Sand Wind Chimes
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Product Description

Fulgurite Lightning Sand Wind Chimes

One of the oddest sounds of nature. Fulgurite wind chimes could easily be THE most unique gift.

Specifications: Diameter: 6.5"W X 10-12" L from base Contains 3 quartz points that are 2.5 - 3" L

3 Fulgurites that range in length from 2.5 - 3.5"L

Length of quartz points and fulgurites from base - 6.5-8.5"

Metallic smiling metal sun is in the center. Top of base is decorated with 2 rows of small natural river rock to add to the decor . Bead decoration above quartz points and fulgurites are Blue Moon beads, silver drop beads, and blue longbeads. Comes with information and authenticity. Windchimes should not be placed in wind that exceeds 15-20 m.p.h. It is best suited for gentle breezes for best clarity of sound. Click on image to enlarge

Fulgurites are from Florida. Quartz points are from Arkansas. Both professionally wire wrapped in sterling silver.

Made in the USA

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Produced by Jensan Scientifics Museum Displays