Fulgurite "Liquid Ice" Cathedral 14k Gold

Fulgurite "Liquid Ice" Cathedral 14k Gold
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Product Description

Lightning Sand Jewelry 14k Gold

The front part of the fulgurite chamber is gone to reveal the magnificent glass inside! Location found: New Zealand; Comes with black velvet jewelry box and certificate of authenticity.

Guaranteed Authentic: Jensan Scientifics, LLC

Size: 2" L X 1 1/8"W X 3/8" D, All very similar.

Only a few fulgurites are precise enough in size to be used in pendants. Lightning's crafting ability weaves stunning creations out of sand. Location: New Zealand

Fancy wrapped 14k Gold in "open cosmic" design.

The Lore and Folk History of Lightning Sand: Promotes Good Luck, Success, Serendipity and Creativity.

Heirloom Quality.

2 left. Chain not included.