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Authentic Fulgurite Lightning Sand

Lightning Sand Jewelry and Specimens
Authentic Fulgurite Lightning Sand Jewelry and Specimens make great Science Gifts!

It is the stuff of Legends, Lore and Folk History with lightning sand promoting Good Luck, Success, Serendipity and Creativity!

Fulgurite is a natural glass sculpture whose shape mimics the path taken underground by the lightning bolt as it dissipates in the Earth. The hollow center of the fulgurite is a record of the fact that the sand touched by the very core of the lightning bolt was not just melted, but vaporized.

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Lightning Sand Fulgurite Jewelry "Chamber"
Fulgurite Lightning Sand Sterling Silver Petite
Regular price: $85.00
Sale price: $69.99
Fulgurite "Fairy Glass"  Black Beauty Lightning Sand Chard
"Lightning Striking Tree" 14k Gold/ White Gold Jewelry
Regular price: $425.00
Sale price: $365.00
Fulgurite "Liquid Ice" Cathedral 14k Gold
Exogenic Fulgurite for Sale
The Rarest of All Fulgurites

Source: Elko Hills, Nevada

Fulgurite Lightning Sand Petite Aquamarine
Best suited for the petite framed person.

Regular price: $119.95
Sale price: $99.95
Fulgurite Sterling Silver Earrings
Sterling Silver Jewelry Earrings to Match Pendant
"Liquid Ice" Cathedral Fulgurite Jewelry
Incredible "liquid ice" crystal facing.

Sterling Silver

Fulgurite Lightning Sand XL - South Africa
Large Museum Grade Specimen

South Africa

Lightning Sand Wind Chime
Makes a Distinct Clink-Clank Sound!

Sterling Silver Wire Wrap

Fulgurite Lightning Sand XL
This fulgurite is REALLY long! It comes from Egypt. Size: 8" L X 7/8"W X 7/8" D, Weight: 22.7 grams
Regular price: $499.95
Sale price: $399.95
Lightning Sand Jewelry 14k Gold
14k Gold Cosmic Wrapped Lightning Sand Jewelry
Regular price: $285.00
Sale price: $265.00
Fulgurite Jewelry Sterling Regular Sized
Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver

Regular Sized Pendant with 16" Chain

Fulgurite "Hula Dancer"
"Dancing" Lightning Sand Fulgurite
Fulgurite Lightning Sand "Giant"
Lightning Sand "Torch" Fulgurite - Large
Lightning Sand "The Poodle"
Lightning Sand "Black Tip"Fulgurite
Black tip on this specimen with an exotic exterior!
Fulgurite Lightning Sand "Exotic Tree"
Fulgurite Lightning Sand "Froth" - Museum Grade
Exception Froth Museum Grade!

Fantastic Collection Specimen

Lightning Sand 14k Gold Jewelry Pendant
14k Gold Fulgurite Jewelry

Wire Wrapped Open Cosmic Design

Fulgurite Lightning Sand Sterling Regular  Aqua
Aquamarine Crystal Accent

Sterling Silver

Fulgurite -  "Darwin"
Location: Pernambuco, Brazil

Coast on the Route of the Beagle Voyage

Lightning Sand "Telescopic" Fulgurite
Lightning Sand Fulgurite  "Ghost Gray"
Location: Tasmania
Lightning Sand Fulgurite Kalahari