Mammoth Ivory Pendant featuring a Mother and Child Size 35mm

Mammoth Ivory Pendant - Mother and Child 14k Gold
Mammoth Ivory Pendant - Mother and Child 14k Gold
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Product Description

Mammoth Ivory 14k Gold Carved Mother and Child Pendant

Authenticity Guaranteed.

This exquisite delicately carved Mammoth Ivory Pendant featuring a mother and child is wrapped in 14K gold. Comes with a charming 20" braided gold chain. The rare, beautiful cameo was made from ancient fossil Mammoth Ivory that remained buried in the snows of Alaska for over 50,000 years. The yearly melting of the snow and minerals in the earth have given it a unique color. The ivory was unearthed by Eskimos and carved by a master carver. The pendant comes with certificate of authenticity and the story of its creation.

Perfect gift for Christmas, anniversary, birthday or other special occasion. Is a keepsake for generations to come!

Cameo size: 35mm x 28mm, 1 1/2"L X 1 1/16"W

Pendant size: 2"L X 1 1/8"W

Certified authentic Jensan Scientifics, LLC Comes in a beautiful jewelry box with information