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Authentic Rare Exogenic Fulgurite XL

Authentic Exogenic Fulgurite for Sale XL
Authentic Exogenic Fulgurite for Sale XL
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Authentic Exogenic Fulgurite for Sale XL
Authentic Rare Exogenic Fulgurite XL

The full story is written up in Rocks & Minerals, Sep/Oct 2004, Vol. 79, No. 5, pp334-340, and it is authentic! Most of this material is in private collections or museums.

When lightning strikes the earth's surface and melts the materials it contacts, the remains are collectively known as fulgurites. Their classification has generally been limited to forms that form below the surface of the ground as soil, rock, sand, or clay fulgurites. In 2004 there was the first documentation of "exogenic fulgurites," those formed from lightning striking vegetation and causing the heated, liquefied remains to be ejected into the atmosphere. During their descent, while cooling, these remains often took on a similar shape to the original material.

So why aren't these more common? Although "a lightning strike" is commonly used to describe all lightning only about 25% of all lightning events worldwide are cloud to ground. The other 75% is cloud to cloud OR inter-cloud.

Perhaps most exogenic fulgurites, when found, can also be misinterpreted as anomalous material and discarded. This might be why there is not much talk about them or more "finds."

The odd contortions and shapes of the specimens make them an interesting addition to a serious collection of geological oddities and a real scientific contribution to understanding lightning's action on above ground materials.

This is a fantastic, very detailed and unique specimen.

Size: 27mm L X 19mm W x 16mm D, Weight: 5.325 grams; Source: Elko Hills, Nevada

Comes with information and authenticity, Jensan Scientifics, LLC

This is an exceedingly rare and spectacular specimen.

Only one like this that we have ever seen.

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