Famous Ensisheim Meteorite The "Christopher Columbus" Meteorite

Ensisheim 14k Gold "Christopher Columbus" Meteorite Pendant
Ensisheim 14k Gold "Christopher Columbus" Meteorite Pendant
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Famous Ensisheim Meteorite The "Christopher Columbus" Meteorite

14k Gold Pendant, Pendant Size: 1"L X 5/8" W X 1/8" D

This meteorite is best described by science writer O. Richard Norton: "The Ensisheim meteorite is the oldest witnessed fall in the Western Hemisphere from which specimens are preserved."

On November 7, 1492, near noon, a loud explosion announced the fall of a 280-pound stone meteorite in a wheat field near the village of Ensisheim in the province of Alsace, France, which at the time was part of Germany. An old woodcut depicting the scene shows the fall witnessed by two people emerging from a forest. Actually, a young boy was the only eyewitness. He led the townspeople to the field, where the meteorite lay in a hole 3 feet deep. After it was retrieved, people began to chip off pieces for souvenirs until stopped by the town magistrate. The townspeople accepted the stone as an object of supernatural origin... many pieces were broken off the main mass. The remaining specimen, now weighing only 122 pounds and nearly without crust, was removed to the town hall in Ensisheim. And there, much diminished, but occupying a position of honor, it remains to this day.

The Ensisheim meteorite is highly valued by meteorite collectors and people with the true "Christopher Columbus" spirit. It is an unparalleled gift and treasure - dedicated to explorers, intrepid spirits, and golden quest seekers with profound vision!

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