Meteorite Jewelry 14k Gold - Engrave-able

 Meteorite Jewelry 14k Gold  - Engrave-able - Sold!
Meteorite Jewelry 14k Gold - Engrave-able - Sold!
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Product Description

Sikhote-Alin Meteorite Jewelry 14k Gold

Exceptional and engrave-able on the back with a very flat surface.

This meteorite fell to Earth in 1947 on the Sikhote-Alin Mountains in eastern Siberia. This fall is unique in the history of meteorites because even though it was a large fall the fragments from it are both unique and beautiful. Some pieces are very shrapnel like while others are thumbprinted or regmaglypted specimens (see some of our other meteorites). We have wire wrapped this beautiful meteorite in a swirling open cosmic design and think it is very suitable for evening wear or casual. Comes with information, authenticity, and an attractive crushed velvet jewelry box. Great gift for any special occasion or "just because."

Guaranteed Authentic: KennedyCo Jewelry; Size: 2 1/4"H X 3/4"W X 1/2"D, Weight: 38 grams; Chain not included. The back has been made flat and can be engraved! Makes a fantastic gift for that special someone who wants something "out of this world!"

Guaranteed Authentic: Jensan Scientifics LLC