Cosmic Calendar Poster with Doomsday Clock

Cosmic Calendar Poster
Cosmic Calendar Poster
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Cosmic Calendar Poster with Doomsday Clock

The Cosmic Calendar is a scale that helps to conceptualize the vast amounts of time in the history of the universe in an understandable way. The concept was first popularized by Carl Sagan on his television series Cosmos.

The sections are divided up into the following: the Calendar; the Key; Doomsday Clock; The Legacy of Carl Sagan and New Year's Day.

The photograph of Earth by Voyager 1 at 3.7 billion miles (as it was leaving the solar system), which Carl asked to be promoted, is also included!

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Comment: "This poster really puts the Earth in relation to the Universe and time in perspective." - Science Mall Editor

Size: 26" W X 40" L, Comes laminated. Great new poster for the classroom or science enthusiast!